Reasons for staying focused.

#1. I hate my job.

This is number 1. I absolutely hate it. I’ve hated it from the first day I started. They presented themselves as something they were not. I could have advanced my career, but I went here thinking they’re something they weren’t.  I hate a lot of the people I work with. They’re liars and cheats. They’re the worst of local government. Fucking assholes.

I’ve gained 30 lbs since I started. Two years. I never leave my house. I stay home all of the time because I’m ashamed of how I look.

I have to lose weight so I can confidently go on job interviews and, if hired, not have my salary penalized for being overweight.

I want to lose at least 50 lbs. That would get me down to 150. That seems so far away. I’d still be 25-30 away from goal, but I could at least feel more confident. I have to keep my goal front and center so I don’t forget.