Day 16: “Don’t wait on Mondays.”

I realize I have a serious emotional eating problem. Saxenda is suppressing my appetite, but I keep eating anyway. This is in my head; I need more support. 

I need to manage better so I’ve headed back to Weight Watchers. I’m not going to wait until Monday to get head on straight. The weekly weigh-ins, group meetings and online Connect program really provided a good social support and accountability network. 

The good news is that I lost 4.9 lbs this week (week 2).  I’m hesitant to get excited. Well see on Thursday.

 Two weigh-ins is a coincidence; three will make a streak. 


Day 7

Increased my dose to 1.2 a day early. Down 8.1 but I had my friend last week and a big binge before I started so I’m back to around normal. The good news is that I don’t feel nauseous at all. I felt more emotionally hungry than anything else today so I have to learn how to combat that feeling.