Day 37

Down 12.9. 

I’m on 3 mg now. I’ve been lucky not to feel any side affects. I only become nauseous if I don’t eat for long periods. Otherwise, I’m good. I notice I feel really  full. So tmuch so that I dsometimesdon’t eat for fear that I’ve binge and then I tremember that I actually haven’t, weigh myself to be certain and then go eat. Crazy.

I need to work out. I’ve been scared to because I don’t think it’ll matter. Maybe it won’t but I have to try. It’s only 45 mins a day. I’ve wasted that time doing other dumb stuff.  I can try doing that for a few weeks. 
However, I am proud to say I have tried something new. I’ve been doing one sit up a day. Trying an incremental approach to exercise. I’m up to 16.  Sadly, it’s not getting any easier, but I’m still doing them. 

This is where I’ll see if the drug really makes a difference. I’ve been able to get down to this weight before by doing WW and wwatching what impossible eat. If impossible can drop another 5-10lbs within the next six weeks, then I’ll know this is for real.