A L C white lace shirt

Alice + Olivia red short shorts
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Sophia Webster black ankle strap sandals
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Gucci floral print purse

Lalique jewelry
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MSGM cotton blouse
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Chloé wedge sandals

Yves Saint Laurent leather handbag
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Dolce gabbana sunglasses
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5 seconds.

I’m back on sax – took 1.2 today and could immediately feel a difference. My appetite is gone and my cravings for sweets all but vanish. It’s like it gives me back control of myself. I desperately need it as I don’t have control over anything else in my life.

That’s why I’m going to focus on fitness. I can run, jump (sorta) and lift. That’s something I can control. I can also control what goes into my mouth.  It may sound like a complaint, but it’s really a blessing. I’ve seen what your body betraying you looks like. When you want to walk, but can’t even stand up. I don’t have an excuse other than “it’s too early” or “I don’t really feel like it”. Too bad.

I accidentally kept my Audible membership going for a few months and racked up some credits  Today I purchased The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage. The basic premise is that when you have an idea. you have about 5 seconds before your brain begins to talk you out of it. Therefore, you have to countdown and then “GO” – take action. That’s all I know right now. I’ll have to listen for the rest.

This ties into my excuses because I need to find a way to circumvent them. I can feel it when I start to weasel out of exercising. Instead, I just need to “GO” – running, to the gym, do an exercise tape. Don’t wait. Just grab the bare essentials and go.

30 days to go….

30 Days. 

I was so close to being somewhat normal. Then I scales back on the medication, started eating everything in sight and now I’m a mess. 

I have a big event in a month followed by a beach trip. I’m not going to look anywhere near like what I wanted. I lack discipline. So part of me thinks why bother? But I know I can’t listen to that voice otherwise I’ll keep hiding from the world.