Day 37

Down 12.9. 

I’m on 3 mg now. I’ve been lucky not to feel any side affects. I only become nauseous if I don’t eat for long periods. Otherwise, I’m good. I notice I feel really  full. So tmuch so that I dsometimesdon’t eat for fear that I’ve binge and then I tremember that I actually haven’t, weigh myself to be certain and then go eat. Crazy.

I need to work out. I’ve been scared to because I don’t think it’ll matter. Maybe it won’t but I have to try. It’s only 45 mins a day. I’ve wasted that time doing other dumb stuff.  I can try doing that for a few weeks. 
However, I am proud to say I have tried something new. I’ve been doing one sit up a day. Trying an incremental approach to exercise. I’m up to 16.  Sadly, it’s not getting any easier, but I’m still doing them. 

This is where I’ll see if the drug really makes a difference. I’ve been able to get down to this weight before by doing WW and wwatching what impossible eat. If impossible can drop another 5-10lbs within the next six weeks, then I’ll know this is for real. 


Day 16: “Don’t wait on Mondays.”

I realize I have a serious emotional eating problem. Saxenda is suppressing my appetite, but I keep eating anyway. This is in my head; I need more support. 

I need to manage better so I’ve headed back to Weight Watchers. I’m not going to wait until Monday to get head on straight. The weekly weigh-ins, group meetings and online Connect program really provided a good social support and accountability network. 

The good news is that I lost 4.9 lbs this week (week 2).  I’m hesitant to get excited. Well see on Thursday.

 Two weigh-ins is a coincidence; three will make a streak. 

Day 3

  • Switching it up and took it tonight instead of this morning. Yesterday’s exhaustion was tolerable only because I had the day off.
  • First two days I ate little, compared to normal. It felt like a lot, but it wasn’t (two meals and fruit). I’m usually a huge snacker.

Update: 7/31 – 8:32pm

I can definitely tell a difference, when I take it at night.  The snacking urge was present all day because I didn’t feel full.  Luckily, I only ate a lot of sugar free Popsicles (15 cals each) so I didn’t do much damage. I’ll start taking it again in the morning tomorrow.


Day 1

  • Nausea hits pretty quickly. 
  • Starting this when your “friend” is also scheduled to start is a bad idea because you can’t tell what is making you feel bad. (But if you’re desperate, then you have to do what’s necessary.)
  • Sugary snacks help with the sick feeling (e.g. a few grapes, strawberries). I’m also going to try PeptoBismol in addition to the Tums. 
  • Letting the medicine get to room temp definitely helps minimize the sting at the injection site. (Learned this day 2.)

Going back to bed

  1. Work – no words.
  2. Realized I sent my half-naked before photos to a complete stranger. I created a new email address for photos, but left out a word and so it wasn’t actually my new account. Unfortunately I also sent it from my real email address with my first and last name.
  3. I’m a little nauseous, but I still want to eat. So I’m fighting that.

Today is just a really shitty, no good horrible day.